Adirondack Association District Championship
AAU Tournament, Saturday, March 3rd, Cohoes, NY
2018 AAU Adirondack Tournament March 3

Sensei Torri is the District Chairman for AAU CT, and one of the most experienced and respected center ring referees in the national AAU Karate program. AAU is a national organization devoted to building life skills through sports.  Shihan Tony Butler in New York runs this great tournament for hundreds of competitors. We hope your child will participate with us this year.

The tournament is a great learning experience, and a lot of fun for Little Ninja white belts (age 5+) through black belts.  Sensei will train and instruct all students on how to to compete in kata and sparring.  Kim, Jim and other coaches will be on mats to help your children. In addition to gold/silver/bronze placing medals, each athlete receives recognition for participation.

1) Register the athlete for an AAU membership number at

2) Register for the event- give paperwork/payment to Sensei by February 25

3) Sew/tack the AAU patch (from Sensei) onto the gi over the Hanko Patch

Saturday, March 3, 2018
Cohoes High School (near Albany)
1 Tiger Circle
Cohoes, NY 12047

Thank you.

*Students 5 and older encouraged to participate, all belt levels.