Self-Defense Classes

Winter 2018 Classes

Thursday, February 22 and March 1, 2018
7:15pm – 8:30pm
Registration and payment due by 2/17 via email or drop off in mailbox.

Use the link below to download and print the registration form. Email or drop off at the dojo.

Registration Hanko Ryu Martial Arts 2 Week Personal Safety Class

Sensei Torri offers self-defense classes to individuals, small groups and in scheduled classes. He also teaches groups such as The Girl Scouts. He tailors each class based on the age of the participants. A children’s class is different from an adult class. Children learn about personal safety, safety at and away from home, how to deter bullying and how not to become a bully. Adults learn verbal and hands on evasive and attack technique. A female black belt assists at every class.

Call 203-445-8845 at any time to discuss a class.

Escape a wrist grab, choke hold, bear hug
Verbal defensive techniques
Items in a home you should HIDE
How to fall safely (slippery driveways, etc.)
How to strike and block