About Us

Hanko Ryu Martial Arts teaches Shito Ryu Karate-do in the traditional manner. Shito Ryu, founded by Soke Kenwa Mabuni, is one of the main traditional Okinawan Karate styles currently practiced. Soke Mabuni successfully combined the hard style (from Shuri-Te) and soft style (from Naha-Te) into Shito Ryu.

Why Karate?

Karate is without equal as a method of physical conditioning. Muscular and cardiovascular development achieved through training improves the student’s strength and stamina. Strong emphasis is placed on dynamic movements and flexibility training. Balance, coordination and reflexes improve with drills until complex movements appear effortless. Karate practice is unique in that its training sessions allow each student to progress at his own rate.

Karate builds school readiness and promotes classroom success from preschool into college as children learn how to listen, follow rules, pay attention and respond to a second language (some of the class is taught in Japanese.) Children who study Karate will learn how to prevent bullying, and how they themselves can avoid engaging in bullying behavior.

Girls and women will learn self-defense skills that will allow them to protect themselves for a lifetime.

Karate-Do is a Japanese word meaning “Empty Hand Way”. With training it becomes obvious that Karate-Do is more than just a means of self-defense. At the deepest level it is the karate spirit. This is the “Do”(pronounced “doe”) of “Karate-Do”, the “Karate Way”. This spirit is characterized by the ability to preserve through self-discipline the infinite challenges of karate and of life, to be gentle yet firm, and to be humble. The achievement of this spirit is the result of serious training and dedication. Its many facets eventually focuses training toward achieving personal excellence and a polished character.

Hanko Ryu Owner and Chief Instructor Kyoshi Danilo Torri
Began training 1975

Headshot Kyoshi

Kyoshi Danilo Torri Roku-dan (6th dan black belt) is the chief instructor of Hanko Ryu Martial Arts. Born in Rome, Italy, he started his Shito Ryu Karate training in 1975 at the age of seven under Sensei Yomada Koyei. In 1980, his family moved to Connecticut, where he continued to train, returning to Italy for rigorous testing. In 2001, at the age of 33, Kyoshi Torri opened Hanko Ryu Martial Arts where he teaches respect, discipline, honor and loyalty to children and adults of all ages, including women. Hanko Ryu is a traditional dojo – prices are fair, testing is affordable, and every belt is earned by hard work and personal advancement at each student’s own pace.

In addition to Shito Ryu, Kyoshi is a Nidan black belt Sensei in Matayoshi Okinawan weapons. Students train in the Bo Staff, Sai, Nunchaku, Tonkuwa and other weapons under the tutelage of Sensei and also Sensei Andrea Guarelli of Verona Italy, a world class maestro who comes to Hanko Ryu annually to train and test students.

Kyoshi has a special place (and unique patience) in his heart for children – including those with special needs. He trains kids with autism, Asperger’s and other diagnoses in private and group lessons alike.

Hanko Ryu prides itself on building strong families – we invite you to observe and try a class at any time.

Assistant Instructor Sempai Lisa Vasas
Began training 2006, Earned Black Belt Shodan-Ho 2012, Earned Shodan 2013,
earned Nidan and Sempai Title 2015

Headshot Lisa

Assistant Instructor/Coach/Sempai Jim Auerbacher
Began Training 2005, Earned Black Belt Shodan-Ho 2013, Earned Shodan 2014,
earned Nidan and Sempai title 2015

Headshot Jim

Assistant Instructor Sempai Jeremy Auerbacher
Began Training 2005, Earned Black Belt Shodan-Ho 2012, Earned Shodan 2013,
Earned Nidan 2014, earned Sempai title 2015

Headshot Jeremy

Assistant Instructor, Sempai Robert Roley
Began Training 2007, Earned Black Belt Shodan-Ho 2014, earned Shodan 2015

Headshot Robbie

Assistant Instructor Sempai Kim Rossi
Began training 2011, earned Shodan 2016

Headshot Kim